About Flashstockphoto

Welcome to Flashstockphoto, the stock photo site of Jochen Schönfeld. I have been a freelance and stock photographer for many years, based in the South of Germany.  My photos have been used worldwide thousands of times by major companies, various newspapers and magazines, as well as by individuals and designers for their blogs and websites. You can license my images through most of  the well-known stock agencies, or here, directly from my own site. At Flashstockphoto you will find the most recent additions to my portfolio, before they are available anywhere else and you will be able to purchase exclusive images only available here. My simple and reasonable pricing is designed to make your image licensing fast and easy.
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About Symbiostock

Flashstockphoto is part of  the Symbiostock network. Symbiostock is a network of photographers and illustrators, each with their own individual sites selling stock imagery. These sites are networked together, so one search reaches out across the network, returning images or designs from several sites that match your search criteria … much like the image search features on popular search engines.

Buy directly from the artist.

Prices at Symbiostock websites are competitive because there is no middleman; you are buying directly from the artist. Think of it as “fair trade” stock images. There are no subscriptions or credits to purchase; you pay only for the images you need at the size you require.

Symbiostock sites offer images for all your creative projects, from websites and blogs to printed ad campaigns. Looking for editorial images? Got it. Exclusivity? Check. Illustrations? Right here. You want it, we have it.

Searching the network is easy!

Searching on an individual artist’s page will return results from that artist and many more from the network.

Or use our central search page, symbiostock.info, where you’ll find advanced search features like orientation, copy space and color. You’ll instantly search across all 250,000+ images in the network and be linked straight to the artist that can meet your needs.

Better yet, add the Symbiostock search engine to your Firefox search options.

Help spread the word.

Like our Facebook page and share on your own pages. Be sure to come back and share some comments on your Symbiostock experience … and show us where you’re using our artists’ work.

The Symbiostock network is the brainchild of Illustrator artist Leo Blanchette … I really appreciate his work! Please visit his site clipartillustrations.com.

Artists who want to join our network can get the symbiostock theme here: symbiostock.com
To make it easy for you to set up your own stock photo site you will find our helpful community here: symbiostock.org